27 May

Why Pipe Bursting Will Save Your Lawn

Don’t be alarmed.

When it comes to the services that you can possibly inflict on your property, “pipe bursting” might sound pretty traumatic. Contrast it with the relatively innocent-sounding “sewer repair” or “backflow prevention”, and it begins to take on a destructive and invasive persona.

However, pipe bursting is quite the opposite. You just wouldn’t ever know it from its name. But the relatively new way of dealing with underground lines is actually saving customers and business owners money and stress.

In fact, it might prove to be tremendously beneficial to you as the summer approaches. Think of it this way. All winter long you’ve been maintaining your lawn, and not just because it’s your responsibility; your yard is crucial once the weather warms up.

While it’s still technically Spring, recent temperatures make it feel as if Summer has already arrived. It’s time to shake off the cabin fever and spend time outdoors. Your grass doesn’t need to look great in order to have a good time, but it doesn’t hurt.

But let’s say you notice a strange occurrence. One patch of lawn is unusually wet. It even smells funky. Something is seriously wrong. All of a sudden your summer plans have gone from total fun to totally stressful.

This is when pipe bursting can save your day. With minimal digging and only light procedure, this process will identify the problem line, eradicate and replace it.

Contact a professional

Just make sure you call a pro to do the work. A lot of unlicensed plumbers will make big claims, but when it comes down to it, they end up exacerbating the problem. For the best pipe repair Los Angeles has to offer, call JetSpeed Plumbing.

We specialize in fixing your broken lines and busted pipes, without carving up your lawn. Not only do we have the experience and knowledge to execute the work with our advanced techniques; we understand the human element of the job as well. We’re sympathetic to your needs, and won’t disrupt your life with a long and laborious process. You can count on us for fast, efficient work.

How does pipe bursting work?

Originally, if you had a broken or disturbed line underground, the process of fixing it was intensive. Your lawn had to be essentially torn apart, while contractors removed the old parts and replaced them. It required more equipment, more manpower, and more money, not to mention that it transformed your outdoor space an ugly eye-sore.

These days the work has been streamlined with the advent of technology. Contractors can actually use “trenchless” methods of fixing the problem. What does that mean? Much less digging!

Typically, only two access holes need to be dug. Using a heavy cable, a bursting head is pulled through the old, failed line, breaking it up as it goes. Additionally, it pulls a new, reinforced pipe behind it, and lays it in place.

It used to be that you’d have to pay for asphalt replacement, but with trenchless pipe bursting, you don’t have to worry about it.

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